Illustrating the Coaching Model

Illustrating the Coaching Model

Dr. Kym Harris, President of Your SweetSpot Coaching and Consulting, engaged us to help her communicate her powerful coaching model in a succinct way. Here are a few of the results …


To help Dr. Kym get ready for an upcoming conference, our first task was to craft a unique tri-fold brochure. In a artistic and simple way this brochure provides prospective business clients with a clear picture of Dr. Kym’s coaching model.

Your [New] Sweetspot

Bold and provocative … words Dr. Kym Harris uses to describe her company and herself. The new logo design for Your SweetSpot reflects this well with a confident brushstroke ‘s’ capped with a rising ‘spot’.

PowerPoint Presentation

Everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kym in person is struck immediately by how smart, self-assured and personable she is. Her message is strong and bold and resonates with her audience – she needed a visual presentation to drive that message home.

Website Redesign

“Connection is the key to executive presence. Being accessible enough that others can related to you. When the quality and extent of your professional relationships and positive perceptions of others equal or exceed your strong performance… you’ve achieved Comprehensive Competence®. ” This is at the essence of the redesigned website.

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